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Welcome to the Home page of the new website for the Beverley and District Ringing Society.

Latest Update - 11th May 2021 - Measure ventilation ...
9th May 2021 - Tower info
7th May 2021 - Westley award
30th April 2021 - Current Officers
26th April 2021 - Garment deadline has passed
23rd April 2021 - RW articles on recovery
22nd April 2021 - Quiz answers
18th April 2021- Ringing for the death of the Duke of Edinburgh
12th April 2021 - Quiz
11th April 2021 - New photo.
10th April 2021 - Ringing to mark the death of the Duke of Edinburgh
8th April 2021 - Dove's Guide link added to Towers
7th April 2021 - Tower details
3rd April 2021 - We won - CCCBR Striking competition
2nd April 2021 - CCCBR Striking competition
26th March 2021 - Implemented committee requests
26th March 2021 - New menu layout with additional tabs for 100 Club and Fees, traditional logo
26th March 2021 - New Site Plan showing the location of pages
24th March 2021 - Updated Constitution
21st March 2021 - Branded clothing order
13th March 2021 - Home Page
10th March 2021 - ART recovery and newsletter
7th March 2021 - Home Page
4th March 2021 - New Gallery
2nd March 2021 - New Event
27th February 2021 - New In Memoriam Page

Do you want to be able to accurately measure ventilation in your tower and possibly mitigate risks of spreading airborne viruses? Click here for details.

Read the latest guidance for 17th May to 21st June. Click here for details.

Click here to see today's performances from the past

Could you win the Westley award? Click here for details.

The Ringing World of 23rd April has articles on ringing recovery and Recovery Champions. Why not subscribe to the Ringing World and keep yourself up to date? Read the articles here. See more details and register for the Recovery Conference here.

Click here for new BnD quiz answers.

Ringing by Society members took place to mark the death of the Duke of Edinburgh and also for his funeral. Full details can be seen here on Bellboard

Unfortunately all ringing is suspended at present - for the latest guidance and predicted timeframes for returning to ringing, please Click here - for the Central Council guidelines on ringing at present.


2021 Roos young ringers. L to R :- Samuel Parvin, Jayden Newton, Joseph Parvin,Emily Craig, Isabelle Hodgson, Phoebe Jackson, Abigail Little. Horizontal:- Rosie Jackson.

Subject to government restrictions and guidelines, we shall be celebrating our 75th birthday with some special events in 2021.

Please keep watching the Events page for more information.