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Cycling was a very popular mode of transport in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Combined with staying at youth hostels, the combination provided healthy and interesting holidays for many people. Some tours even started with bikes and riders in the back of a removals van to get to the start point!

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Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1002 - Ian Campbell and Charles Hobson cleaning youth hostel windows 1003 - (L-R) Richard Gibson, Barbara Gibson, Ian Campell, John Singleton, Ian Goldthorpe 1004 - Cirencester 1965 (L to R):- Standing: Fred Terry (Hemingbrough), Keith Goldthorpe (Kirk Ella), Ron Ducker (Sutton-on-Hull), Derek Swann (Selby Abbey), Ian Goldthorpe (Kirk Ella), Howard Palmer (Kirk Ella), Elizabeth Johnston (N. Ferriby), Linda Jones (St Chad's, Headingley), A Parsons (Newark-on-Trent), Julia Campbell (Kirk Ella), Christopher Brown (Selby Abbey), D Parsons (Newark-on-Trent), R Grant (Selby Abbey), G Blackburn (Goole), I Stevens (Otley), Robin Page-Jones (Cottingham), Geoffrey Randall (Warwick), R Pearce (Milton Abbey), J Dodgeson (Selby Abbey), Renee Page-Jones (Cottingham),  Charles Hobson (Kirk Ella), Christine Anderson (Kirk Ella), Graham Smith (Kirk Ella), Richard Gibson (Cottingham), John Rank (St Mary's, Beverley). Kneeling: Linda Dalton (Kirk Ella), Robert Hawtree (Hessle), Roddy Horton (Hessle), Keith Gatman (Hessle), Stephanie Jones (N. Ferriby). 1005 - Somerset 1962 (L to R) :- Joan Gray, Norman Castle, Pat Teal (Walkington), Antony Osborne (Hull University), Eileen Haynes (Walkington), Janet Porter (Sutton), Robin Rogers (Hull University), S Turner, J Huggett (Merriott), Geoff Pybus, Jennifer Green (Cottingham), Harold Gibson (Sutton), Barbara Cammack (Cottingham), Ian Campbell, Graham Smith, David Johnson, Michael Wilson, (Kirk Ella), Jean Woodbridge, David Miles (Cottingham), A Sheard (Headingley), Ian Booth, Catherine Harrison (Cottingham), Charles Hobson (Kirk Ella), Richard Gibson (Cottingham), Keith Goldthorpe, John Rank (Beverley), Ian Goldthorpe (Kirk Ella). Seated Ron and Freda Ducker and family. 1009 - Martin Thorley's ringing tour mainly from Leeds University. L to R :- F Keith Williamson, Grace M Beardon, Clive Rudkin, J Martin Thorley, John S Rank, Josephine R Hutchins, Keith Goldthorpe, Robin Brown. 1010 - Cycle tour to Lincolnshire - 1961. L to R :- Standing: Michael Wilson, Richard Gibson, Ron Ducker, Barbara Cammack, John Singleton, Shirley Wight, John Rank, Ian Booth, Keith Goldthorpe, Ian Campbell, David Miles, Iris Lemare, Charles Hobson, Geoff Pybus, Ian Goldthorpe. Seated: Freda Ducker and family, Janet Porter. 1011 - Anon in distance, David Miles and Charles Hobson 1028 - At Harmston on a Lincolnshire Tour. L to R David Miles, Charles Hobson, Ian Campbell, Anon, Barbara Cammack, Richard Gibson, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, John Rank. 1127 - L-R:- Michael Wilson, John Rank (with pipe), Geoff Pybus at Ruskington church. 1128 - 1129 - 1130 - L-R:- Julia Pearson, Graham Smith, Richard Gibson, Geoff Pybus, David Smith, Michael McLean. 1131 - L-R:- David Smith, Danny,  Carolyn Hope, Andrew Pearman, Ian Campbell, Martin Stephenson, Julia Pearson, Sarah Driver, Roddy Horton, Graham Smith, Maris Stephenson, Laura Higginson, Geoff Pybus, John Atkinson.