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In the early days of the Society, eating out was less common than now and dinners were often formal occasions with speeches and handbell ringing. Nowadays they tend to be more relaxed affairs but they are still an excuse to get dressed up for some.

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Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1089 - Maris Stephenson and Ian Campbell. 1136 - L-R:- Suellen Taylor, Ann Dawson, Anon, Giles Galley, Judith Blackburn, Joanne Milner. 1176 - John Atkinson and Ros Baxter. 1182 - Richard and Barbara Gibson, with Simon Plows in the background. 1220 - January 2007 - Nick Soanes, Bob Sherriff. 1221 - January 2007 - Ian Campbell, Lorraine Trebble, Alan Trebble.1222 - January 2007 - The dinner day peal band - Roddy Horton, Anita Sherriff, Ian Campbell, Bob Sherriff, Lorraine Trebble, Alan Trebble, David Smith, Nick Soanes 1223 - January 2007 - Conductor and Tenor Ringer after the peal at Market Weighton. 1224 - January 2007 - Chris Munday, Ian Campbell, Alan Trebble, John Atkinson. 1225 - January 2007 - Ian Campbell and Alan Trebble.