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Boating and cycling have their own categories and this group is the rest. The change from camping to staying in bed and breakfast accomodation may reflect the increase in disposable income as the years go by.

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1049 - 1967 on Howard Palmer's tour to the Lakes. Ron Ducker shaving. 1050 -1967 L-R:- Ian Campbell, Ron Ducker, Stephen Thompson, John Rank, Roddy Horton, Chris Munday, Bob Hawtree (squatting), Graham Smith. Taken by Howard Palmer. 1087 - 1970 Peal week in Derbyshire. L-R:- Ian Campbell, John Leary, Ron Ducker, Stephen Thompson, Maris Stephenson. 1088 - 1972 Peal week in Somerset. L-R:-Gill Radley, John Ridley, Maris Stephenson, John Rank, Peter Church. 1083 - 1992 Ringing Week based in The New Forest L-R Kneeling Roddy Horton, Molly Waterson, Emma Ashford, John Goldthorpe. Standing Susan Watson, Ted Watson, Ann Andrews, Margaret Wragg, John Atkinson, Paul Andrews, Simon Mearns, Dinah Rhymer, Neil Donovan, Christine Potter, Giles Galley, Jenny Bleasby, Tony Wragg, Terri Horton, David Watson, David Mitchell. 1084 - 1993 Ringing Week based in Somerset. L-R:- David Mitchell, Roddy Horton, Christine Potter, Neil Donovan, Dinah Rhymer, Heather Taylor, Paul Hodgson, Andy Kaye, Emma Ashford, Terri Horton, Ailsa Robinson, John Atkinson, Jenny Bleasby, Andrew Bicknell, John Goldthorpe. 1086 - 1994 Ringing Week based in Great Yarmouth. L-R:- Standing Derek Watson, David Smith, Edna Dougherty, Barbara Gibson, Richard Gibson, Jenny Bleasby, Andrew Bicknell, Paul Hodgson, Christine Potter, David Mitchell, Heather Taylor, Angela Nix, David Simon, Ailsa Robinson, Terri Horton. Sitting Andy Kaye, Paul Andrews, Roddy Horton. 1085 - 1994 Waiting to be let in at Grundisburgh 1080 - 1995 based at The Plough in Kelmscott L-R:- David Mitchell, Derek Watson, Roddy Horton, Paul Andrews, Edna Dougherty, Terri Horton, Trevor Elliot, David Simon, Ann Andrews, Lynne Stretton, Richard Gibson, Christine Potter, Barbara Gibson, Anne Mearns, Simon Mearns. 1081 - 1996 based at The Plough in Kelmscott L-R:-David Simon, Christine Potter, Paul Andrews, Ann Andrews, John Atkinson, Terri Horton, David Mitchell, Jenny Bleasby, Roddy Horton, Barbara Gibson, Andrew Gibson, Richard Gibson, Edna Dougherty, Andy Kaye, Andrew Bicknell, Robert Hawtree, Dinah Reed, Derek Watson. 1082 - 1998 based at The Plough in Kelmscott L-R:- Helen Billany, Roddy Horton, Edna Dougherty, Terri Horton, John Atkinson, Ann Andrews, Paul Andrews, Catherine Merlane, Mike Marshall, Chris Hawxwell (Hidden), Alison McCormack, Lee MacCormack, David Mitchell. Squatting - Stephen Wheeler.