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An outing is normally a one day event involving one or more towers and most commonly the mode of transport is the coach. This aspect of group ringing has probably changed little since the post war years when the Society was formed.

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1001 - Outing to Chester 1012 - L to R Standing :- Anon, Ian Goldthorpe, Richard Gibson, Anthony G Osborne, Mrs J J Taylor, Robin Rogers, Chistopher Brown (Bubwith), Pat Wilson, Catherine Harrison, Iris Piper, Barbara Cammack, Graham Smith, Fred Terry, David Johnson, Ian Booth, Harry Rodmell (hidden), Anon, Jean Booth, Sue Hobson, Anon, Ron Ducker, Mrs Kirk, Joan Gray, John Rank, Christopher C Brown, Harold Gibson. Kneeling :- Anon, Anon, Clem Robinson, Viv Kirk, Linda Dalton, Ken Kirk, Christine Ham, Michael Wilson, 3 Ducker children, Freda Ducker, another Ducker, Janet Porter, Tricia Brown. 1013 - L to R, Kneeling :- Iris Piper, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Viv Kirk, Anon. Seated :- Janet Porter, Mike Harrop, Clem Robinson, Miss Norina Bond, Anon, Anon. Standing :- Robin Rogers, Tommy Goodin, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, John Perrett, Jack Taylor, Mrs Jack Taylor, David Johnson, Ken Kirk, Ron Ducker, Gerald Bayram, Ian Goldthorpe, John Rank, Anon. 1014 - L to R Gerald Bayram, John Perrett, Clem Robinson, Janet Porter, Anon, Anon, Anon, John Rank, Viv Kirk (at front), Anon, Anon, Ron Ducker, Anon, Ken Kirk, Anon, Anon, Anon, Tony Broughton, David Johnson, Freda Ducker. 1015 - L to R, at front :- Janet Porter holding a young Ducker, Ron Ducker with 2 young Duckers. Standing :- Harold Gibson holding a young Gibson, Anon, Anon, Mrs Gibson holding a young Gibson, John Perrett, Ian Booth, Freda Ducker with baby Ducker, Ken Kirk, Robin Rogers, Anon, Catherine Harrison (hidden), Susan Harrop, Richard Gibson, Barbara Cammack (hidden), Harry Rodmell, Anon, Ian Campbell, Viv Kirk, John Hobson, Anon, John Singleton, Mike Harrop, Anon Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Joan Gray, Christopher C Brown, Ian Goldthorpe, David Johnson, Anon, Anon, Geoffrey Pybus, Anon Keith Goldthorpe, Shirley Wight. 1016 - L to R Standing: Ian Goldthorpe, Tommy Goodin, Harold Gibson, Anon, John Hobson, Harry Rodmell , Anon, Mrs (Vera) Cooper, Ben Cooper, Pat Wilson, David Johnson, Anon, Harry Hawcroft, Janet Porter, Robin Rogers, Anon, Joan Gray, Anon(Hidden), Pat Samuel, Linda Dalton, Shirley Wight, Mrs J J Taylor, Anon, Keith Goldthorpe, Anon, Anon. L to R Kneeling: Jean Booth, Ian Booth, Barbara Gibson, Richard Gibson, Kenneth Kirk, Ian Campbell, Anon, Charles Hobson, Anon, Michael Wilson, Christine Ham, Viv Kirk, Jennifer Tucker, Clement Robinson, David Miles. 1019 - Durham 1 1020 - Durham 2 1021 - Durham 3 1022 - Picnic at Hovingham primary school 1023 - Hovingham church with a spire 1134 - 1140 - 1141 - 1197 - Liverpool. 1198 - Liverpool Cathedral. 1199 - The belfry at Liverpool Cathedral. 1177 - Outing to Lincoln. 1179 - Outing to Loughborough. 1185 - Young ringers day.