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A peal band is a peal band but the fashion changes are quite staggering!

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1029 - Patrington 28 June 1952 - Plain Bob Major. L-R Phil Speck, Charles Barker, Mike Harrop, Leonard Rodmell, Tom Barker, Harry Rodmell, Ron Ducker. 1051 - Whitby 16 April 1979 - London Royal. L-R:- Roddy Horton, Andrew Bicknell, David Beard, Maris Stephenson, David Potter, Ian Campbell, Sarah Horton, Peter Church. 1052 - Kirk Ella 21 April 1979 - Glasgow. L-R:- Roddy Horton, Sarah Horton, Peter Church, Alan Trebble, Maris Stephenson, Andrew Bicknell, David Beard. Ian Campbell took the photo. 1053 - Barrow on Humber 31 March 1979 - Pitmans 7. L-R:- Peter Church, Maris Stephenson, David Beard, Mike Crowder, Robert Jordan, Sarah Horton, Roddy Horton. Ian Campbell took the photo. 1054 - Norton juxta Malton 30 September 1978 - Belfast. L-R:- Peter Church, David Beard, Maris Stephenson, David Smith, Roddy Horton, Sarah Horton, Alan Trebble. Ian Campbell took the photo. 1055 - Inveraray 25 August 1984 - Yorkshire Royal. L-R:- Howard Wastling, Paul Andrews, Judith Blackburn, David Smith, Wendy Colby, Norman Chaddock, Nina Atkinson, Alan Trebble, Simon Wood, John Southey. 1056 - Inveraray 1062 - Inveraray 26 August 1978. London Royal (Lost!) L-R:- Sarah Horton, Lorraine Thompson, Alan Trebble, Anita Gibson, Peter Town, David Smith, Maris Stephenson. Ian Campbell took the photo. 1166 - Roos 30 September 2012 - Plain Bob Minor. The first peal on the 6. L-R:- James Blackburn, Andrew Bicknell, Peter Cook, Christopher Munday, Gary Audley, Helen Audley. 1222 - January 2007 - The dinner day peal band - Roddy Horton, Anita Sherriff, Ian Campbell, Bob Sherriff, Lorraine Trebble, Alan Trebble, David Smith, Nick Soanes 1226 - 3 in a day - 19 April 1986. L-R :- Simon Wood, David Mitchell, Paul Andrews, Alan Trebble, Neil Turner, Chris Jenkins. 1227 - 3 in a day - 19 April 1986. L-R :- David Mitchell, Neil Turner, Paul Andrews, Chris Jenkins, Simon Wood.