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Ringers' weddings are often grand affairs and they are also great opportunities to capture smiling faces.

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1142 - Cottingham 1981. L-R:- John Leary, Roddy Horton, Graham Smith, Julia Smith, Sarah Horton, Peter Church. 1143 - Rowley 1991. David and Anne Smith 1144 - Rowley 1991. L-R:- Giles Galley, Mark Lane, Bob Speak, Joan Speak at David and Anne Smith's wedding. 1151 - Beverley. Alan and Lorraine Trebble. 1156 - Desmond and Laura Watson. 1157 - Hessle 1979. L-R:-  Ken Staniforth, Margaret Scholes, Gail Drinkall, Simon Plows, Karen Lowe, Judith Haselhurst, Andrew Pearman, Roddy Horton, Susan Jordan, Robert Jordan, Sarah Horton, Kim Granger, Lesley Reavely, Ross Hibbs. 1170 - Hull 1979. L-R:-  Ben Duke, Helen Beard, Rosemary Duke, David Beard, Ken Staniforth, Chris Starbuck, Rachel Omer, Mark Lane, Peter Church, Roddy Horton, Chris Church, Ian Campbell, Maris Stephenson, Suzie Starbuck, Sarah Horton, Julia Pearson, Michael McLean, Graham Smith, Judith Haselhurst, Linda Beard, Jenny Starbuck, Paul Starbuck. 1174 - South Cave 2015. Sarah and James Blackburn. 1175 - South Cave 2015. Go Bristol Maximus - it lasted 2 changes! 1180 - St Martin in the Fields 2007. L-R:- Graham Smith, Roddy Horton, Fran Horton, Anne Laking, Rev Nick Holtam.