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New and Unclassified.

These photos have recently been added to the website and some are missing names and details. If you have anything to add please do get in touch and let us have any info.

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

1231 - Ben and Vera Cooper's Golden Wedding dinner. L-R:- Far Side, Wilf Moreton, Ben Cooper, Vera Cooper, David Johnson, Lis Johnson. Near side, Jo Moreton, Ken Kirk, Mrs Kirk, John Rank, Norman Castle. 1232 - North Yorks cycling tour 1975. L-R John Atkinson, Elizabeth Cameron, Carolyn Hope, Christopher Law, Philip Barron, Sarah Driver, Debbie Cameron. 1233 - North Yorks cycling tour 1975. L-R Elizabeth Cameron, Sarah Driver, Roddy Horton, Graham Smith, John Atkinson. 1234 - Market Weighton Dinner. L-R Joan Speak, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Conducting - Bob Speak. 1235 - Peal Band Lowgate 19 August 2006. L-R Christopher Baxter, Bob Sherriff, Anita Sherriff, Alan Trebble, Roddy Horton, Nick Soanes. 1236 - The new treble at Hessle. 1237 - The new second at Hessle. 1238 - The chimes at Hornsea. 1239 - Last peal on the old six at Hessle. 26 May 2001. L-R Stuart Pictor, Richard Gibson, Ted Watson, Robert Jordan, Roddy Horton, Andrew Aspland. 1240 - The first peal on the new eight bells at Hessle. 3 November 2001. L-R Susan Watson, Ros Baxter, Nick Soanes, Roddy Horton, Robert Jordan, Neil Donovan, Canon Fred Ross, Rosemary Ross. 1241 - Harry Rodmell in 1965. 1242 - Scarborough in 1948. 1243 - St Mary's Beverley in 1950. 1244 - The first dinner at the Market Cross Hotel in 1953. 1245 - Nunburnholme 1958. L-R Harry Rodmell, Janet Porter, David Johnson, Clem Robinson, Len Rodmell. 1246 - Kirk Ella/Sutton Outing1959 at Kirkham Abbey. L-R Tony Broughton, Ron Ducker, Janet Porter. 1247 - Meeting at Hedon 1959. L-R Ian Goldthorpe,Anon, Clem Robinson, Anon, Joseph Parker, Harold Parker, Anon, Anon, David Johnson, Frank Dale, Ken Kirk, Albert Sellers, Anon, Mike Harrop, Iris Piper, Anon, Janet Porter, Ron Ducker,. 1248 - Roos Quarter Peal 1960. L-R Freda Ducker, Ron Ducker, Ian Goldthorpe, John Rank, David Johnson. 1249 - Frank Dale Obituary. 13th April 1961. 1250 - Itinerary for the cycling tour to Lincolnshire 1961. 1251 - Sutton 1967. L-R Tom Goodin, Gwynneth Ducker, Linda Sherwood, Maris Stephenson, Ron Ducker, Caroline Hellyer. 1252 - Sponsored walk plan 1973. 1253 - AGM February 1974. L-R Laura Higginson, Chris George, Michael McLean, Roddy Horton, Pat Goodman, Ray East, Anon, Ian Campbell, Peter Spence, Iris Piper, Tom Thirkell, Chris Law, Geoffrey Evison, James Kirkcaldy. 1254 - Market Weighton receive the cup February 1971. L-R Norman Chaddock, Rev Hewitson, Elsie Chaddock, Anon, Ray East, Andrew Kneeshaw. 1255 - Lincolnshire Cycling tour 1977. 1256 - AGM Beverley Minster 1979. L-R Maris Stephenson, Annie Shaw, Joanne Milner, Helen Beard, hiding Sarah Taylor, Sarah Horton, Mark Adamson, Andrew Bicknell, Kim Granger, Anon, Mark Lane, Gareth Hateley, Anon, David Beard, Paul Andrews, David Potter, Neville Pailing, Christine Dennison, Sheila Bloomfield. On the floor Judith Blackburn, Anon. 1257 - Mugs - article in Hornsea Pottery magazine. 1258 - Ely 1963. Kneeling L-R : Graham Smith, Dinah Blow, Graham Drew, A Grundy, K Kitchen, Geoff Randall, Janet Porter.
Standing L-R: Joan Gray, Norman Castle, Shirley Wight, Linda Jones, John Rank, Patricia Samuel, D Peacock, Christopher Brown, Charles Hobson, D Baker, John Hobson, J Reid, Gillian Dann, David Miles, Margaret Whitehead, Clarke Walters, R Forbes, Jill Riley, Patricia Wilson, David Johnson, Howard Palmer, Robin Rodgers.
1259 - Mugs - On the production line at Hornsea Pottery. 1261 - 1262 - 1263 - 1264 - 1265 - 1266 - 1267 - 1268 - 1269 - 1270 - 1271 - 1260 - 1273 - 1274 - 1275 - 1276 - 1277 - 1278 - 1279 - 1280 - The Bishop of Hull, Rt Rev Alison White, cutting the cake at The Society's 75th birthday celebrations. 1281 - John Rank and Charles Hobson reminiscing in the Ringing Chamber at Holy Trinity.