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BnD Quiz - Bells, People and firsts, Places, Methods.

With grateful thanks to Peter Church for providing the questions and answers. Additional links to provide more details have been included where available.

Bells in the Society's area

Q1: Where is the lightest set of tower bells?
A: Filey - Tenor 4cwt 2qrs 8lbs

Q2: What is the heaviest bell in the area?
A: Great John of Beverley, 140cwt 3qrs 1lbs (7 tons)

Q3: To which Saint is the heaviest bell dedicated?
A: St John the Evangelist

Q4: What is the heaviest bell hung for ringing in the area?
A: Beverley Minster Tenor - 41cwt 1qrs 20lbs

Q5: What is unique about the bells hung in the turret at Lisset?
A: The turret has the oldest dated bell in England. (Dated 1254)

Q6: Which Tower has the greatest number of ringable bells?
A: Hull Minster, 15 bells - tenor 25cwt 2qr 18lbs in D.

Q7: Which local tower has bells hung for ringing where the rope circle falls anticlockwise?
A: St Mary Lowgate, Hull.

Q8: In 1986, the BBC produced "The Nine Tailors". Which bells were used to illustrate the production?
A: The back eight at Beverley Minster, plus handbell 08C owned by Peter Church

Q9: Which tower contains a bell named "Wilberforce"?
A: Hull Minster.

Q10: The metal for bells 3, 4 and 5 at Elloughton, came from which Church?
A: Christ Church, Kings Square, York.

People and Firsts

Q1: Which living local ringer has a very hard composition named in his honour, and what are the methods?
A: Roddy Horton. Bristol, Belfast, London and Glasgow, known as Horton's 4. First rung on 16th April 1989.

Q2: Which local ringer called his own first Peal?
A: John Leary, Hedon, Plain Bob Major on 9th August 1967.

Q3: Which local ringer went on to rung more than 5,000 peals?
A: Ian G Campbell, a Sutton ringer. His 5000th was on 7th June 2016

Q4: Which local ringer started his Society conducting career with a peal of Plain Bob Minor and followed it by calling Pitman's 4 Spliced Surprise Major?
A: David W Beard Plain Bob Minor and Pitmans 4

Q5: When was the first Ladies peal for the Society?
A: It was conducted by Maris Stephenson and rung at Walkington on 26th April 1973

Q6: Which local ringers bequeathed trophies in order to promote ringing?
A: Albert Sellars, Joan Castle (nee Gray) and Derek Watson.

Q7: Which local ringer went on to become President of the CCCBR?
A: Michael Henshaw.

Q8: When and where was the first "Silent and Non Conducted" peal for the Society, and who was the umpire?
A: Yorkshire S Major, St James Birstwith, umpire Roy K Williams on 5th April 1975

Q9: Which tower hosted the first Beverley and District Meeting?
A: Holy Trinity, Hull

Q10: Which band won the first Society striking competition?
A: Kirk Ella


Q1: When and where was the first peal of Beverley Surprise rung for the Society?
A: Elloughton, 30th January 1982

Q2: How many local cities, towns and villages and geographical features have a method named after them :- 0 - 10, 10 - 20, 20 - 30, 30 - 40, above 40?
A: 37 viz :- Beverley, Beverley Minster, Bridlington, Brough, Cottingham, Driffield, Eastrington, East Riding, Goole, Hedon, Hessle, Holme On Spalding Moor, Howden, Hull, Hull Botanic Gardens, Humber, Kirk Ella, Londesborough, Market Weighton, Melton, Middleton-on-the-Wolds, Newport, North Cave, North Ferriby, Northumberland Avenue, Norton, Nunburnholme, Patrington, Pickering, Pocklington, Preston, Roos, Sutton, Swine, Trinity, Walkington, Westwood

Q3: How many local towns and villages listed as having bells on the Society website do not have a method named after them :- 0 - 10, 10 - 20, 20 - 30, 30 - 40, above 40?
A: 10 viz :- Barmby, Escrick, Elloughton, Filey, Flamborough, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham, Nafferton, Rise, Withernsea

Q4: Where and when was the first peal by the Society outside its area?
A: Stedman Triples at Fylingdales, 23rd August 1948

Q5: Where was the first Society peal outside England?
A: Llanfeugan, Powys, Wales - Putney S Major on 27th August 1968

Q6: Which was the first tower to have sound control installed before the bells were hung?
A: SMV, Elloughton

Q7: Which tower has the most Society Peals?
A: Market Weighton, 136

Q8: Which Tower is equipped as a Ringing Centre?
A: All Saints, North Cave

Q9: A peal of 10,080 Plain Bob Minor was rung at Elloughton on 13th Feb 1993. What was the longest length for the Society prior to that?
A: 7200 Surprise Minor, 10 methods, Elloughton 17th May 1986

Q10: Which Society tower has a stained glass window depicting bellringing?
A: St Michael, Eastrington


Q1: Where and when was the first handbell peal of Major rung?
A: Belfry of Beverley St Mary's on November 1971

Q2: What is the record number of methods rung to a peal of Doubles, Minor, Major, Royal, Maximus?

A: Doubles - both 1st February 1969 126 methods and Variations at Rise and 102 methods at Roos

A: Minor - 50 Plain Minor, All Saints, North Street York 15th December 1996

A: Major - 12 at Holy Trinity Barrow upon Humber on 28th February 1987

A: Royal - 4 at Holy Trinity, Hull on 28th November 1970 and again on 29th September 1979

A: Maximus - 3 at Holy Trinity, Hull 15th March 1980

Q3: When was the first peal of an Alliance method rung for the Society?
A: Howden on 8th April 1996

Q4: Which 4 methods constitute the Hogwarts 4?
A: Gryffindor, Hufflepuf, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Rung on 2nd February 2002

Q5: What is the minimum number of calls necessary to get 720 changes of Plain Bob Minor?
A: 14 see an example

Q7: When and where was the first peal of Surprise for the Society?
A: Holy Trinity, Hull. Cambridge S Major 6th May 1950

Q8: When and where was the first peal of Surprise Maximus for the Society?
A: Cambridge at Holy Trinity, Hull on 16th October 1971

Q9: Where and when was the first peal of Stedman for the Society?
A: Bridlington, Triples on 23 August 1947

Q10: How many peals of Stedman Cinques have there been rung for the Society?
A: 1. Lincoln Cathedral conducted by M J de C Henshaw on 24th October 1992