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The 100 Club

In 1979 a 100 Club was formed with the intention of raising money for the Society's Bell Repair Fund. Members benefit from regular prize draws and an annual social. The original intention was to have family and friends of the BnD as members of the 100 club. This recruitment was successful with a large proportion of the membership drawn from ringers outside the area and also staff at United Brass and Copper Works in Hull.

In the early days it was required to register under the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act (1963) and the results of each draw were published in the Hull Daily Mail.

The first social, on Wednesday 12th December 1979, took the form of a supper/dance at the Masonic Hall in Beverley with music by a 3-piece dance band. The draw took place at 9:30pm and a cheque for £300 was presented to the Society. This was followed by some handbell tune ringing by St Mary's Beverley, before the band resumed and played until the bar closed at 11:30pm. Over 100 members and guests attended and the evening was considered a huge success.

The 100 Club continues in its fund raising and since its creation has given over £36,000 to the Bell Repair Fund. Probably more than £50,000 in today's terms.

The 100 Club is a separate entity from the Society. To contact a member of the 100 Club Management Committee please send an email to Karen Parker .