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Last updated - 20th January - Ivan Howitt - see In Memoriam.
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Rev Giles Galley has been moved to a care home in Bridlington. As a result he gets very few visitors and anybody who can ring him for a chat or drop by and see him will be most welcome. For full contact details please email me at info@bnd-online.co.uk and I will let you have his full address and phone number - Roddy.

Today's selection from the gallery


1014 - Kirk Ella and Sutton Whit 1958. L to R Gerald Bayram, John Perrett, Clem Robinson, Janet Porter, Anon, Anon, Anon, John Rank, Viv Kirk (at front), Anon, Anon, Ron Ducker, Anon, Ken Kirk, Anon, Anon, Anon, Tony Broughton, David Johnson, Freda Ducker.

You can also see lots of other photos in the gallery.

Future meetings and Special Practices of the Society are detailed on the Events page.

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As part of our 75th birthday celebrations we published a 152-page book containing a brief history of the churches, bells and ringers at 43 towers in the East Riding. They are available by post for £7 inc postage.
The book makes an ideal gift for anyone interested in local history.
Contact email - williamalennox@yahoo.co.uk

Today's random peal on this date.

Peal No 136

Beverley and District Society and Yorkshire Association

On Saturday 4th March 1967

WATH UPON DEARNE, South Yorkshire. All Saints.

Tenor 12–2–9 in F♯. In 2h 44.


Composed by H Poyner

1........Sandra Crossley
2........Geoffrey W Randall
3........John M Brook
4........Geoffrey W Pilkington
5........Peter Church
6........Alan H Bridges
7........Michael Maughan
8........Richard D Gibson (C)

First peal of major - 3. First peal of major as conductor.

Today's random quarter on this date.

Quarter No 1189

Beverley and District Ringing Society

On Saturday 4th March 1978

ELLOUGHTON, East Yorkshire. St Mary.

Tenor 6–1–5 in B.


1........Linda M Beard
2........Helen S Beard
3........David W Beard
4........Peter Church (C)
5........Roderick R Horton
6........A John Atkinson