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LINKS - These websites all contain useful information for ringers :-

The Society is proud that lots of towers rang for the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. Click here to see who rang and what they rang.

Simon Linford has written an article about planning for the future of ringing. Every ringer should read this and consider what action they can take. Click here to read the article

Belfry Upkeep can be found here.

Ringing by Society members to mark the Proclamation of His Majesty King Charles III can be seen here on Bellboard

The Ringing World - The weekly paper for ringers.

Two young ringers from Roos make the news. Details can seen here.

Roos ringers on the BBC for the Platinum Jubilee ringing.

The Ringing World Bellboard - A record of peals, quarters and events.

Change Ringing Resources - A catalogue of useful info for ringers.

Felstead - Find how many peals at any tower.

YACR - The Yorkshire Association.

Pealbase - Your personal peal analysis.

Complib - Search for and prove compositions.

CCCBR - The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

Facebook - See us on Facebook.

RingingRoom - Ring over the Internet.

Dove online - Dove's Guide for Ringers.

BTHR - Beverley Town Handbell Ringers.

Hull Handbells - Double Handed Handbell Ringing for all.

Youtube - BnD ringing on Youtube.

ART - Association of Ringing Teachers.

Method Printer - Martin Bright's method printing page.

CCCBR - Measure ventilation in your tower.

Ringing Forums - Discussion on just about every topic you can imagine.

RW Tower Copies. - Your Tower can now buy a tower copy of the Ringing World which gives access to a paper copy and multiple digital copies.