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These groups of photographs contain a record of some past events in the Society's history. Photos have been categorised according to topic. Some photos are in more than one category. If you have any photos that you would like included please get in touch about the format.

If you have any additional information (names, dates or places) or corrections to any photos, please make sure you quote the first 4 digits of the description.

Whilst the photos on these web pages are meant to be fun and a look back at some of the Society's activities, if you are on any of them and wish the photo to be removed please contact us and we will respond rapidly.

Humberside Show

The presence of the Society for several years (1978-1980) at the Humberside show took extensive planning and fund raising. A model tower was constructed with a set of handbells in a frame with scale fittings. Display boards surrounded the tent and handbell ringing was well received. The highlight for some people was a visit by Princess Anne. A rota was organised to sleep overnight in the tent as valuable equipment was stored there.